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Why Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes are a growing market place for vacationers and travelers.

There is a trend of rising awareness, once travelers discover the benefits of staying in a vacation rental it will often become their preferred future accommodation. Coming from all over the world, people are finding ways to make their dollars stretch. Booking a hotel room may be ideal for a short stay of just 1-4 nights, with party size, but what if you wanted to stay longer and have more guests than what a single hotel room can fit? Many travelers are finding a better option is to venture out and stay in a privately owned vacation rental home or condo. Privately owned homes are great for guests to enjoy that sense of togetherness with their families but also to enjoy some privacy from them as well.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy!

Hotels can restrict where you can relax and it’s hard to shut the door to get a little quiet from the rest of the party. Reading a book before you go to sleep seems impossible with your children blaring the television watching the latest episode of their favorite show. Some hotels have options for joint suites for extra privacy, but if your hotel does not provide suites you are confined into one room without doors! If having some quiet time is important to you, take a peek at a vacation rental home. Imagine having a 5 bedroom private home perfect for the whole family at practically the same cost of a hotel room! Enjoy that time by yourself in your own room but also being able to all watch a movie together in the living room and having a family meal cooked in your own kitchen!

Split the Cost

The number one expense when you’re on vacation is your 3+ daily meals. Eating out in restaurants every night can be expensive. Having your own private kitchen can help with that expense and give you extra dollars in your pocket.

If you want the ultimate vacation experience, look for a vacation rental in a resort community with amenities! This would include community pool areas, tennis courts, and community playgrounds. This will give you the privacy you need in your home with access to join in on the community fun.

Explore your options and see what else is out there besides the standard hotel room. Each vacation rental can be unique!

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